Moldpen SRL allow us to offer the most reasonable price for the entire range of products, but also provides an opportunity to fulfill any custom order as soon as possible.

Individual approach, clarity, accuracy and responsibility are the main principles of our work.
We have a wide range of handrails and railing: round, square, shaped in the form of wood, plastic, ferrous metal in powder coating, polished stainless steel and brass.

By choosing a fence for stairs, balconies, terraces or the atrium should be approached with great care, because they not only give a unique look to the whole building and form the overall style of the interior or exterior, but also must protect both adults and children. Accordingly, the performance of selected material (ferrous metals, stainless steel, wood, glass), functional structural elements.
For today we have extensive experience in working with clients and therefore undertake the production of different complexity and scope projects. You will be pleasantly surprised by our prices and flexible system of discounts. You will be satisfied with our service.

If you are looking for a supplement to the original interior, want to decorate its elegant aluminum railing – we will help you to come to the optimal solution! High-quality aluminum railing will give your interior originality, elegance, modern design.
Aluminum railings have a deep anodized coating – 19 microns, which allows you to preserve the appearance of a handrail for many years, even in the street.

Deep anodirovka railing protects against corrosion and damage, and the possibility of coating polymer paint allows their use in any interior. Care railing is simple and does not require polishing.

Advantages of aluminum railing:

– Always available
– Cheaper railing stainless steel 2 times
– Do not require polishing and welding
– Going to the constructor to 20 lm day
– Beautiful, aesthetic and noble appearance
– Not served corrosion, deep anodirovka 19 microns
– 3 color anodized coating (natural, bronze and gold)
– A variety of filling between the uprights
– 3 types of mounting
– All parts are interchangeable
– Anodirovka 19 microns ensures durability of the product and is highly resistant to weather
– Effects, so they are installed both indoors and outdoors.
Railings and stainless steel handrails are more rigid and robust construction, require no maintenance, and in the event of defects is always possible to restore the surface. We can offer stair railings as welded construction and fast-(assembly without welding).