Delivery windows

It is important that new windows drove up to you safely – clean, without defects, dents, chips or other damage. Therefore, we transport the windows to the installation location on a specially prepared transport of closed body trucks.

Removal of old windows

1. remove the old windows on hinges wings
2. remove any horizontal and vertical elements that are in the old window.
3. Reduction of the parties in the Middle frame.
4. Using a crowbar to remove the frame from the wall.
5. After removing the frame clean place of masonry debris and dust.

New drug installation window

1. Remove the the protective foil with holes for rod

2. Cremona installed with the handle down.

3. After installation, Cremona is rotated 90 degrees and opens a wing.

4. Remove the top hinge mask and remove the the bolt it.

5. If the window is a fixed grid, it works with a plastic hammer and chisel to release and remove the glass rod on the fixed part of the window.

Installation of new windows

Put the heel instead designed to be installed

1. The use of wood or plastic wedges for the vertical alignment and horizontal frame. Wall mounted frame with dowels, installation of anchors (if small windows only recommend catching feathers and foam).

2. Should be at least 70 cm from each other and from 15-20 cm tumbled.

3.Bridge gap between the frame and the wall with polyurethane foam.

4. Furniture set: First the bottom lies the hinge axis, and then close the top.

5.Can configure furniture in three directions with 4 mm hexagon, which operates by means of screws. Can be adjusted as follows: the lower hinge is adjustable heel left and lower right.

The advantages of plastic windows

Sound insulation


Security Protection

Energy Economy